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Our mission is to create the most comfortable, yet stylish shoe that we possibly can. The better you feel, the better you'll perform in every area of your life.


Our story began in 2019. Being as passionate about shoes as we are, we noticed a trend with luxury brands, either every pair we bought looked great, but weren't all that comfortable, or comfortable but just average looking.

We just couldn't wear them all day unless we wanted sore feet at the end of the day so we aspired to create something new, something different, something über comfortable. A shoe that looked great, felt great, that we could wear all day no matter what we were doing. 

This was the birth of Shücrü. We worked with an in house podiatrist to design and manufacture the most comfortable, yet multifaceted shoe we could, just for you. Gym, check. Errands, check. Errands, check. Doing it all while feeling like you're walking on 

cloud 9.

We invite you to get the most comfortable shoes you'll ever own.

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